Since its founding in 1990, HOLZER has developed dynamically and continuously. In contrast, our members of staff are a real constant – with a large number of them proving loyal over decades. We combine traditional, down-to-earth entrepreneurship with respectful interaction, continuous innovation and open communication. This results in our very special corporate HOLZER culture.

Our values

Our central corporate values are trust, flexibility, quality awareness and innovative capacity.

We have maintained these values since Franz Holzer founded the engineering office in 1990. These values also form the core of the brand: the highest consultancy competence in assembly and testing automation, as well as partnership cooperation with our staff and customers, whose requirements we constantly keep in mind.

Our drive

We welcome new developments in the technical and digital sector as our incentives. We react instantly by integrating them sensibly and usefully in our machines and systems. For and together with our customers, we plan and develop individual, sustainable prototypes and automation concepts, or consider suitable measures regarding assembly and testing services.

Our team spirit

We exchange ideas, we communicate and discuss at eye level. Personally, humanly, respectfully. This is how we create lived partnership cooperation. Independent work, the adoption of responsibility, working in teams instead of in hierarchical structures, an open feedback and error culture – all of these helping to make our staff enjoy their work.

We constantly develop the technical skills of our staff. We promote their talents and the ability to development and independently implement their creative ideas – which is what our customers have always appreciated in Holzer. The result is a high degree of satisfaction on all sides – both in our staff and in our customers.

Humans and Technology

The services, commitment and motivation of our staff, coupled with intense curiosity for the unknown and a keen sense for the implementation of ideas. This is what makes HOLZER a modern, sustainable company with its focus on the individual as the centre of action, despite all technological progress.