Our globally popular collecting systems for injection moulded parts are special solutions for plastics injection moulding machines and are all manufactured in-house.

During the injection moulding process, they guarantee the greatest possible safety in material flow to the particularly sensitive interface between demoulding and onward transport – especially at high synchronisation frequencies, where a few centimetres can decide perfect quality or waste.

This means: HOLZER collecting systems form a central element in the process chain with significant productivity-increasing potential for our customers.

The objective: the greatest possible controlled and gentle handling of the injection moulded parts on their way to the respective venue – such as a box, a tray or a conveyor belt.

Depending on the injection moulded part, the construction type of the plastics injection moulding machine and the type of conveyance, we manufacture tailored collection systems – be it in the form of a collecting funnel, side protection curtain or collecting chute.

Our funnel solutions are unique products tailored to individual requirements.

Side protection curtains are available in two material versions and at various lengths and heights.

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